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Contact Us Here or Call Us 1-956-761-2331

To request information that is not available on this website, or printed copies of the information that is, please fill out the form below and give us a list of what you would like to have emailed, mailed, or left at the guard shack for you. Be sure you include your Homeowners' information and/or the name of the person and/or entity that is making the request. Once the request is received, processed, and approved by the Homeowners Association Board of Directors will send you the requested information. Requesting printed copies that are mailed to you may require a fee for printing and postage. All these documents are primarily for the use of Owners and potential Owners only. 


Let us know what's on your mind. Report a problem. Compliment an employee. Tell us what is working. Tell us what is not working. The floor is yours and we look forward to hearing from you!

Boardwalk Conodminium Yacht Club

425 Padre Boulevard * PO Box 3443
South Padre Island, Texas 78759

Tel:  956-761-4898
Fax: 956-761-2331

Thanks for submitting!

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